Goodbye, School#42

It’s time to say: «Goodbye»… It’s sad… But it’s life, I need to move on, I need to grow up…

Many good memories: my students, my lessons, competitions, exams. I will never forget you, guys! Do you remember our puppet theatre, English parties?

All of you were brilliant volunteers, great students! You will always be my good friends, I will never forget you. Thank you so much, my Dearest friends: Elina, Alisher, Arkhat, Danil, Nikita K, Nastya, Arina, Luba, Tanya, Nikita Y, Sergey, Nikita M, Sonya, Ilgiz, Ilyas, Ruslan, Vald, Karina, Yuliya, Kristina, Yuri, Vlad, Alisher, Sasha, Zhenya, Zhansaya, Arman, Vlad, Andrey, Amina, Karina, Sergey, Vlada, Vadim…

School – it isn’t a building: walls and desks, etc. School – is people with emotions, feelings and dreams. Let all your dreams come true. Happy and successful life is waiting for you!

« …Goodbye may seem forever

Farewell is like the end

But in my heart is a memory

And there you’ll always be…» (The Fox and the Hound.)



2 thoughts on “Goodbye, School#42

  1. Arman

    Hi guys! My name is Arman. It’s been a long time since I studied English with Darya Andreyevna. And I will never forget those days, hours, moments, when we gathered together to have fun, and at the same time imperceptibly to get a huge experience in English.

  2. Alisher

    Dariya Andreevna, we’ll never forget your lessons and of
    course you, you are the best teacher in my life, thank you for your time that you give for us!

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