How to improve your English during spring holidays

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Spring holidays — it’s time to rest, but… Why not to spend usefully your free time and improve your English in a fun way? I’d like to share my resourses and give you a couple of tips.

Tip #1: Reading is the best way

If you want to improve your language, you should read as more as it possible (and not only in English, your native languge too).

Here are my library of graded readers:

Elementary students can download and read «The Elephant Man» 

Pre-intermediate level for you I have «Jane Eyre»

If you have intermediate level — «The Great Gatsby»

Don’t forget to download audio files and listen to them. It’s very important to listen to the correct pronunciation.

If you want to read paper books, visit my classroom, I have plenty of them!


Tip #2: More vocabulary

Some of my students have difficulties with learning new grammar and lexical material, with speaking and writing because they don’t have enough vocabulary. Moreover, learning more words will help you to solve many problems with your foreign language. Teacher can help you with grammar and writing, but you should learn vocabulary by yourself!

Visit Oxford online dictionary

Please, download Visual dictionary (look through pages with different themes and learn new words. It’s colorful and has many words).

Use word of the day, word of the week etc. on diferrent online resourses

And try this book, please: English vocabulary in Use


Tip #3: Phrasal verbs and idioms are important!

To learn vocabulary (new words mostly nouns and adjectives) is not enough for pre intermediate and intermediate level. We should pay more attention on learning phrasal verbs and idioms.

Sometimes my students say: “I don’t like to use them in my speech, not so many foreign people use them”. That’s not true. They are a very important part of English.

Here is a nice video for you: 50 common and useful phrasal verbs

And couple of books:

English idioms

English idioms of everyday use

How idioms work

Idioms are fun


Tip #4 Sing your favourite songs!

You have so many opportunities nowadays; in my age, we were listening to the tape recorders, and writing song’s lyrics in our notebooks. Shared mistakes with each other… Ancient times: and our computers were huge and dinosaurs were our pets. Just kidding. What I want to say is: nowadays special websites exist with a great number of lyrics and translation. Search you favorite songs, that is useful and fun!


Tip #5 Play in English, Chat in English, Think in English

Read news from foreign sites, life hacker’s sites, watch your favorite memes, etc. don’t wait for translation, be the first!

Watch movies in English. Play games. Draw a comix. Have a conversation with English speaking bot!


Just in case: exam preparation book


Love English, don’t waste your time — improve your life!


2 thoughts on “How to improve your English during spring holidays

  1. Ирина

    Отличные советы! следуя им, вы непременно сможете улучшить свой уровень английского языка и провести свое время с пользой и удовольствием!!!

  2. Аня

    It’s so interesting! I’m reading a book The Elephant Man! Thanks for information! My favorite teacher!!!!!!!

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