The best teaching courses in my life

thank you Kathy

I’m studying on the teacher courses now… In the summer, when I have my deserved vacation… But.. who cares? I should learn how to work with the new curriculum… This course is so difficult, because it doesn’t have any practical knowledge, only boring academical learning. Thanks that it’s in English, but… This is the only advantage…

And… I’m reminiscing about the best teaching course, that I ever had in my life. It was course with Miss Katheline Hyde from Oregon University. So natural, useful, interesting… I will never forget it! Miss Hyde inspired me, made me feel confident and even happy, that I’m a teacher! What was so unique? A lot of practical advices, variety of resources and ready to use activities and tasks. The atmosphere on the courses was so friendly and positive… it was like a dream. Ideas of color code for making sentences, vocabulary maps, vocabulary board games, super interesting books, that surely will motivate students to love reading in English and many other practical teaching tips. I’ll try to post everything here later. And now I want to say THANK YOU to dearest Kathy! My students and I will never forget you! We got a lot of you presents, which will remind you and your advices. It was the best course, and the best teacher in my life…


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  1. Elina

    It’s nice. I remember that day when we did it.

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