Your feedback matters!

Your feedback matters!

Hey, my Dearest students! I want to improve our lessons, make them more effective, more interesting, I want everybody to speak in English. So.. I also need your feedback, your opinion, all your ideas! Add your comments below.

You may write not only in English, use your native language if it’s more useful for you.

Thank you!



9 thoughts on “Your feedback matters!

  1. Arkhat

    Our English lessons are very interesting. We usually read poems and texts. We speak on different topics and ask questions. Sometimes we repeat songs. We can speak English very well. I like English very much!

  2. Афанасий

    Very good teacher! She knows English on professional level. She can explain difficult material. Always helps and very fine.

  3. Sonya

    in English lesson I like to read and translate the text; watch movies in english. It’s very interesting!

  4. Anna

    You are my favourite teacher, I will never forget you! Your lessons was perfect!

  5. Sergey

    English lessons are unique! We play games, sing songs, watch movies in English. It’s really cool. You are my favorite teacher!

  6. Igor

    In English class nice and kind teacher attracts me . I look at her, and I want to learn English. And not only this

  7. Lip

    On English lessons I like everything. Because English is the only subject on which I am working (but it’s not exactly). We speak English, carry out tasks in English, in short, everything is done in English. That’s cool. I like. #EnglishOneLove

  8. Nikita

    I like our English lessons. This is the only thing that I want to go. And also I like our teacher of English. This language should be taught. Because the English — the language of international importance. We almost always use English words in a conversation. In most countries it is now talking.

  9. Elina

    I like English and our lessons. They are very interesting. I think, you do all what you can for our progres. I don’t know what else you can do. Thank you for such a happiness to work with you.

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